Where age is no barrier


Age is just a number, and there is no reason why people over 50 should encounter problems when seeking employment. In fact, a recent Daily Telegraph™ article stated, “there were 34,000 over 50s new apprenticeship places within the last 12 months of 2015/2016.” The School of Thought™ says “most people focus on the issue rather than aiming for the goal. Yes, you may have different reasons for looking for work.”

How Do Our Services Help You?

There are many factors including:

  • Redundancy 
  • A Change of Marital Status 
  • A Demographic Move 
  • Change of Career Path 
  • Economically Inactive

Everyone has their individual reasons and obstacles to overcome, and at Desire2Work, we support and work with you to achieve your career goals.

Contact our expert team at our community interest company in West London, to learn more about our services.

7 Tips to Find Employment

Our 7 tips to find employment include:

  1. Align yourself with the latest ways of finding employment as the world of work is progressing all the time. 
  2. Understand that you have great values to contribute to the workplace, age notwithstanding.
  3. Your own willingness to be retrained, reskilled and rebrand.
  4. Understand that you will only be valued for what you bring into an organisation not your age.
  5. Use your age to your advantage.
  6. Broaden your network, i.e. your offline and online contacts.
  7. Think temporary role as well as permanent role.